Guide to buying shower curtain liners

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Do not ignore your shower curtains at all. Although many people don’t think that curtains add any décor to the bathroom. But they do, and here is a guide to help you choose good shower curtain liners.

Liner comes in different sizes

Liners come in various sizes; the normal size however is 70 inch by 70 inch. The longer liners can measure up to 70 inch by 84 inch or 72 inch by 84 inch. The extra wide liners can measure up to 144 inches by 72 inches.

There certain types of liners that are designed to fit the shower stall- they measure 54 inches by 78 inches.

Lines are made of different materials

It is crucial to know that there are many liners that are made of different materials fabrics such as polyester and nylon. Vinyl liners usually look cheaper that the other liners. The only irritating about the vinyl liners is that they tend to stick to the side of the bathtub. This means that most of the time the shower curtains are going to be wet because of being in contact with water from the tab. Materials can vary, which us evident from a corner shower stall.

Grommets prong the life on a liner

You should expect your shower liner to be pulled and pushed many times. If you reinforce grommets on the line, it will help the liner not wear and tear and it won’t rip off the liner to the bathtub.

It is possible to get rid of bacteria away

Ensure that you look for a curtain liner that is milder and bacteria resistant. This features are equally imperative if you live in an area with humid climate or if your bathroom has bad ventilation.

Additionally, you can also color coordinate the shower liners; this will create an elegant look on bathtub.

Treatment for acne scars: How to get rid of acne scars fast

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Acne is a skin problem, caused when the oil producing gland of skin, which keeps our skin moisturized and soft by producing oil, blocks the pores of the hair follicle. Hair follicle is an organ which produce hair, the hair start growing deep in the skin, at the base of hair follicle called papilla.when the oil gland, which is called sebaceous gland in medical term, block the pores of hair follicle and an infection is developed in skin, which is called pimple. Depending upon the area of infection, and the visual form of the infection, different names are attributed to them like white head, black head and pimple. All this skin problem comes under acne, acne mostly happens on face, acne is usually very common, when one hits puberty and its common in both girls and boys to have an infection at the time of puberty. Most of the time acne break out start at the age of 13, at this age major hormonal changes takes place in our body, due to this changes, oil glands produce more oil causing acne break out.

The acne break out can happen to any age group, however the infection is generally not that severe as the infection in teenage. Acne break out should be treated as early as possible, because delaying in the treatment of acne can cause severe break out, which can results in the scaring of the skin. Apart from scaring, acne infection can cause uneven skin tone, an episode of hyper pigmentation can make the skin black and patchy in appearance. So it is best to treat acne as soon as break out happens, the treatment of acne include the drugs, which helps in balancing the hormones and the oil production by sebaceous gland. The treatment of acne also include, the use of topical creams, which helps in reducing the infection, there are various treatments for acne.

acne_scars-12#1. Topical creams:
The first course of treatment of acne usually has the topical cream like cylindamycin and benzoyl peroxide, the cylindamycin and benzoyl peroxide comes in gel or cream form, they are applied directly to the infected area and they help in reducing the acne infection by hindering and inhibiting the bacteria. With this topical cream general hygiene care should be taken before applying the cream.

#2. Drugs and medicines:
There are many drugs available for the treatment of acne, the drug treatment can be divided into two, drug for hormone balancing and drug for killing the bacteria or inhibiting bacteria. The drug prescribed for hormone helps in balancing the hormones and the oil prodution by sebaceous gland, the drug prescribe for stoping bacteria growth working action is similar to the topical creams, specially antibiotics, the antibiotic stop the growth of the bacteria and treat the acne break out.

#3. Use of skin pores openers or unblockers:
The acne treatment also includes skin pores unblocker, the skin pore unblocker is applied to face and washed, this skin pores unblocker works by opening the blocked pores of skin, which are blocked by oil from oil gland. The skin pores unblocker remove the dirt and oil from the pores and unblocks them, which helps in reducing ace and further break out.

#4 Mixed treatment:
Acne treatment is also done by combination of the above methods of treatment. The combine treatment is used in severe cases, the combined treatment is used for the quick relief. The acne treatment prevent the acne scars, but in some severe cases or the delay in acne treatment can cause the acne scars. The acne scars are caused, because of the damage to the skin by acne.

Acne scars treatment depends on the size and area of the scars, some acne scar are so small that they do not require any treatment, as they are barely visible. Acne scar treatment is planned by the dermatologist, keeping in mind patient’s skin condition dermatologist decides the best treatment for acne scar treatment. The dermatologist may suggest acne scar surgery, microdermabrison, scar creams laser therapy, chemical peeling and several other treatments. The skin resurface surgery and acne scar surgery are recommended for big scars and the scar creams and chemical peeling is recommended for small scars.